Child vision

Your child's poor vision could lead to poor performance at school learning. As a parent what you can do is to give the best vision to your child by recognizing the sign of poor vision. Condition like refractive errors and strabismus can lead to a lazy eye. If left undetected early years of life.

Few sign that you or your child's teacher may notice:

  • Sight and Style suggests that children should usually have their first eye test at around 3 years of age. Sight and Style optometrist will check for refractive errors such of Myopia (or) Short sightedness and Hypermetropia (or) long sightedness.
    1. Frequent eye rubbing or blinking
    2. Avoiding close work
    3. Holding a book very close to read
    4. Poor hand eye co-ordination (Such as throwing and catching a ball)
    5. Complaints of headache or blurring of vision
    6. Sitting very close to the television or computer

Eye wear selection for child:

  • Children spectacles are specially designed to fit properly and comfortable, safe and easy for your active child to wear.
    1. Spring hinges add durability and increase long term fit
    2. Curved wire ear piece to keep Spectacle on the face and reduce pressure on the ears.
    3. Plastic lenses are light weight and resistant to breakage
    4. Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter in weight with impact resistance and also give protection from harmful UV- rays.