Lenses Easy Tips:

Sight & Style provides you a wide range of lenses and treatments relevant to your lifestyle and needs to provide you with optimum comfort and clarity.

Lens Designs:

  1. Single Vision lenses: These lenses are used for correcting vision problems like Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism.
  2. Bi-Focal lenses: These lenses have two zones that correct both distance and near-vision problems. Commonly used to correct presbyopia.
    1. Kryptok Bifocals: These lenses are round segment bifocals. These cost less, but users take longer to adopt to them.
    2. D bifocals: These lenses are most popular among bifocals. These have a large field of vision for reading and adapt to the users eye fast.
    3. Multi Focals: (Progressive Lenses) These lenses are also called Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL), are the best choice for clear near, intermediate and distance vision. They provide continuous clear vision. They do not have the old fashioned partition lines.

Lens Materials:

  1. Glass lenses: These lenses are most popular because of their optical properties. These are not recommended for children.
  2. Plastic lenses: Plastic lenses are getting popularity due to their lightness and impact resistance. To enhance their durability these lenses have a scratch resistant coating.
  3. Polycarbonate: These lenses are highly impact-resistant and thinner than regular plastic lenses. They are best for kids. These lenses absorb harmful UV-rays and to enhance their durability. These lenses have a scratch resistant coating.

Special Lenses:

  1. High Index lenses: If you hate thick eye glasses for high powers, high-index lenses are the solution because they are thinner, Lighter and more comfortable :High index lenses are described by different numbers like 1 50, 1 56, 1 61, 1 67 1 74 and etc As the number goes up the lenses get thinner and lighter.
  2. Aspheric lenses: Aspheric lenses are ideal for strong prescriptions because these are and thinner. They are just like flat screen TV's provide sharper image clarity. These lenses do just the same, in addition they make your eyes natural without altering the magnification. Compared to spherical design aspheric design makes a possible to produce a thinner, lighter lens with distortion or blurring. Aspheric design on both surfaces of the lens IS outstand effective in reducing distortion and blurring, Aspheric Lenses are 35% thinner 43% lighter and up to 45% flatter than the normal lenses.
  3. Hard Multi Coating (HMC) or Anti- reflection coating: This is a special multi-layered coating that makes the lens clear, scratch resistant and increases transmission of light for better clarity of vision These lenses also have an added advantage of a top clean coat that resists smudges These are useful for computer users and people with active life style This coating is given on front and back surface of the lenses which helps to reduce unwanted reflections of light and Ensures clear and comfortable vision. Recommended for people using computers and those who drive at night.
  4. Photo chromic lenses (Transition lens): These lenses allow you to see clearly by adjusting its shades according to the intensity of the UV light. This Means you don’t need to to carry one clear pair and one pair of sunglasses when you are out in the sun. This one advanced lens solves the purpose of both.
  5. Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses eliminate glare and offer 100% protection from any reflected glare you might encounter. Polarized are ideal for driving and winter sports. For persons who have undergone ocular surgery, including cataract surgery, polarized lenses are the ideal lens as they will offer crystal clear vision and total comfort. For a live demonstration of the polarized lenses you could drop in to any of our stores.

Lens Enhancers:

Scratch Resistant coating (or) Hard Coating (HC): No lenses not even glass lenses are scratch - proof. However this is a special coating that is given on the surface of the lens material. It makes the lees surface harder and gives Extra scratch - resistant protection. This coating provide greater durability particularly in plastic and polycarbonate lenses.