Sun Glasses

For our stylish customers Sight & Style optical has a variety of brands via Ray Ban, Police, Porsche Design, Hugo Boss, Maui Jim, Oakley, Carrera, Fast track, Opium. To find your best shape of sunglasses, try to flatter your features by balancing them out with the shape of your sunglasses. In other words, whatever the shape of your face is, wear the opposite shape of sunglasses. If you have a round face, you will find a square or rectangular style more flattering. In terms of size you should try to match the size of sunglasses with the size of your face. For a small face with delicate features smaller sunglasses are best. If you have a large face with dramatic features bigger sunglasses are better. On the other hand if you want to exaggerate your features then you would pick a square or rectangular style to emphasize a square face or large sunglasses to draw attention to a small delicate face.

For every one who faces the day, sunglasses are a must have. Besides being a stunning fashion accessory, sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiations, blue light and intense light that make it so indispensable every day. It's tricky task to pick the right pair of sunglasses, as not all dark-colored glasses are actually effective in protecting your eyes and not all colors and shapes suit all faces. Our expert eyewear consultant would be happy to help you select the perfect sunglasses to ensure natural perception and enhanced visual performance. The tight pair of sunglasses would aid in saving your eyes from early cataract. Pinguecula, Pterygium and Macular degeneration. Children's eyes need utmost care and protection and our sunglasses are designed to protect them from not only UV rays but from the impact of dust and pollutants as well. They are available for toddlers, teens and all in between, and stay firmly on their face ensuring complete functionality. Besides, kids are no less brand savvy and are quite capable of picking their favourite pair of sunglasses from our collection to flaunt on those sunny outings!