Why Sight & Style

  • 26 years of optical experience.
  • Largest variety of frames and sunglasses under one roof — more than 50 brands to choose from.
  • Frames available from Rs. 290 up to 1 lakh.
  • Expertise staff to help you choose the right product.
  • High tech Eye testing — at all our stores, we have advanced eye testing equipment to enable accurate vision testing.
  • We also have highly qualified optometrists (Eye consultants) to do the eye testing.
  • After sales service- We have a strong team which is dedicated to serve you for any kind of repairs and services you want to avail after buying the spectacles.
  • Quality check- At every stage right from the order booking up to delivery of spectacles, we have stringent quality check method to deliver only the best. At any point if we are not satisfied with our quality of finishing, the order is rejected and fresh order is placed.
  • World class ambience and lighting in the stores.
  • Sunglass gallery — our stores have an exclusive sunglass gallery with a variety of sunglasses.

Service at Sight & Style

  • Quality service to the customer is considered a core competency at Sight & Style We understand the value , importance and indispensability of quality dedicated service and the role it plays in enhancing a customer's experience.
  • Customers have access to not just large product ranges but also have access to some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and well trained members of the Optical industry. The staff at Sight & Style is dedicated towards guiding and assisting customers through the process of determining which product would effectively satisfy their need.
  • Precision eye test is done in Sight & Style involves the WHIM, of modern computerized Eye testing equipment in the expert hands of "Sight & Style" optometrist.
  • Furthermore, our service should not begin and end at the show room but continue to assist customers through after sale service such as routine adjustment, cleaning of eyewear, Corporate or resident eye screening program, and other facilities.